Participant Information

Entry Fee £10 per tree for child/youth organisations. Cheques to be made payable to Pier Avenue Baptist Church.

  • Trees may be entered by a children’s or youth group (e.g., uniformed organisations, clubs, societies, charities, schools, churches etc.)
  • Trees may be real or artificial. You must provide your own tree and tree stand.
  • Trees may be any size: on your entry form you will be asked to specify if it will be less than 2 feet; between 2 and 4 feet; between 4 and 6 feet or over 6 feet.
  • Trees should be brought to the Church on Friday 17th December between 10am and 5pm (the earlier the better!). You can bring your tree ready decorated or decorate it in the Church.
  • Christmas tree lights are required, but not musical lights.
  • Please do not bring your own extension leads – suitably tested extensions will be provided where appropriate. Battery operated lights are also acceptable and will be particularly useful on smaller trees.
  • The only limit on the decorations is your imagination! Groups might consider a theme to reflect their organisation; this will be a wonderful opportunity to publicise the activities of the organisation.
  • You may place promotional materials relevant to your group next to your tree (do remember that you may need to replenish stocks from time to time). Please provide a card or Perspex holder for leaflets/business cards where possible as this looks neater and makes them more accessible and appealing.
  • For security reasons it will not be possible to place collection boxes beside trees.
  • Any tree deemed unsafe by the organisers will be removed as will any decorations thought possible to cause offence.
  • The festival culminates in a Carols by Candlelight service at 6pm on the 19th December. Trees must be collected once the service has finished (estimated 7pm), and before 9pm.
  • Visitors will be asked to pick their favourite tree! Please encourage your members and their families to attend to vote for your tree! The winner will be announced during the Carols by Candlelight service at 6pm on Sunday 19th December.

Overview of Timings

  • Friday 17th December
    • 10am – 5pm – Tree Drop-off/decoration. Please use the door on the left hand side of the Church (towards the Welcome Centre)
  • Saturday 18th December
    • 10am – Festival day 1 opens
    • 7pm – Festival day 1 closes
  • Sunday 19th December
    • 12:30pm – Festival day 2 opens
    • 6pm – Carols by Candlelight Service and award presentation
    • 7pm-9pm – Tree collection